Finn Balor to Vacate Universal Title After SummerSlam Injury

After winning the newly created WWE Universal Championship at WWE SummerSlam, Finn Balor has been forced to vacate the title only a day later. Balor suffered a should injury when his opponent Seth Rollins threw him into the barricade.

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Dear WWE. It’s Time

Dear WWE

I’m writing this as an open letter to you.

With the “new era” is also a chance for change. To define the history of WWE and do things never done before. Break the barrier and create a new mold. And you have the best opportunity to do just that.

Bailey. Charlotte. Nia Jax. Alexa Bliss. Becky Lynch. WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. These women have put female wrestling in the spotlight. What was once the break between matches is now something that everyone wants to stay and watch.

So with that being said, WWE; it’s time.

It’s time the women main event a pay-per-view.

It’s never been done and the only time that two women have main evented a match outside of NXT was Trish Stratus and Lita.

These women have proven they can put on a show. They’ve proven they can draw crowds. Give these women a shot at grabbing that brass ring and never letting go.

Women’s wrestling has never looked brighter. Give the women a chance at main eventing a pay-per-view, to kick lass and to cement women’s wrestling as a legitimate force.



A WWE fan