5 Things We Wanna See In 2K19

Can 2K somehow get better?


4. In-Depth Create-A-Player Options

We’ve all created a 99 overall, 7″7 PG who can score 100 points in a game. And this is great and all, but what if you could customize more. What if you could customize his stats, draft pick and awards. Doing this would let players create Reggie Miller (which is a whole other thing we want to discuss with 2K) or Charles Barkley. If not recreate players, then create benchwarmers, or even create other legendary players. Now, some people will argue that this will disrupt the history of the NBA. However, we’ll remind you that apparently Shammy Wells was picked 14th in the 2013 NBA draft. So yeah, historical accuracy isn’t high on the priority of 2K.


Image result for nba 2k18 create a player

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